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Featuring cutting-edge imaging technology and large build envelopes, the PRO Series of 3D printers from Asiga offers a range of professional solutions for the Jewellery, Dental and Audiology industries.

All PRO Series printers have the following key features:

  • Single Point Calibration - Calibrate in under 60 seconds
  • Auto Power-Off - Energy saving mode and auto-recovery
  • Environmental Control - Onboard heater for reliable performance
  • Fast Material Change-over - Change materials in less than 30 seconds with no calibration required
  • High Power LEDs - For long term reliability, accuracy and for processing a wide range of materials
  • Open Materials System - Use any Asiga material and any suitable third-party material
  • Remote Access and Control - Streamlined integration into your digital workflow
  • Internal Radiometer - Actively monitors LED intensity during each build to ensure that the correct light exposure is delivered for every layer
  • Smart Positioning System (SPS) Technology
  • Touch Screen Display - For greater user convenience

Composer Software

Asiga Composer Software

  • Automatic support and part placement - For fast build processing and greater user efficiency
  • Build time estimator - Effectively schedule production workflow
  • Multi-stacking included - Maximise Z height usage and build multiple levels of parts
  • Dynamic Part Array - Place parts based on geometry to maximise available build area
  • Load and process multiple builds - Manage multiple builds at the same time in a simple tab based interface

SPS Technology

SPS Technology

The Smart Positioning System (SPS) is a series of positioning encoders that read the exact position of the build platform during each layer approach. This ensures the next layer is only exposed/formed once the build platform target position has been reached.

Each Asiga PRO printer comes with the following accessories:

Calibration Kit

Calibration Kit

Build Tray

1 Litre Build Tray

Flash Curing Unit

Asiga Flash Curing Unit

Asiga Resin

1 Litre Asiga Resin

See how Asiga printers can improve your workflow and increase productivity:

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Asiga PRO 4K

The Asiga PRO 4K 3D printer uses the latest DLP imaging technology to achieve the largest print envelope in the Asiga range, with precision, reliability and speed for the most demanding production applications.

Includes FREE SHIPPING and a 1-litre bottle of Asiga resin of your choice.

Asiga PRO 4K XL

Asiga PRO 4K XL for producing large scale industrial parts and prototypes. Precision layer formation thanks to Asiga SPS technology and layer monitoring.

Asiga Ultra UV

The Asiga Ultra™ is the world’s most advanced lab 3D printer offering exceptional productivity in a small footprint. With 50μm HD print precision, the Asiga Ultra 50 UV™ is optimized for dental and audiology lab production. With 32μm HD print precision, the Asiga Ultra 32 UV™ is optimized for Jewellery and Research lab production. 
Includes FREE SHIPPING and a 1-litre bottle of Asiga resin of your choice.