3DXTech FluorX PVDF 1.75mm 750g

    FluorX PVDF by 3DXTech is a high-performance material featuring exceptional thermal and chemical resistance properties, as well as fantastic wear resistance. This is a great industrial filament for harsh environments.

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    3DXTech FluorX PVDF [Polyvinylidene fluoride] is a high-performance polymer offering exceptional thermal and chemical resistance for industrial-grade printing. Rated for uses up to 150°C - this filament can be used in demanding applications and under the most extreme conditions. PVDF is resistant to most chemicals and solvents making it a great fit for applications that will be exposed to harsh environments.

    Key Features:

    • FluorX is made using Arkema Kynar PVDF
    • High continuous use temperature - up to 150°C
    • Excellent resistance to a broad range of chemicals, such as automotive fluids (oil, gas, lubricants), fully halogenated hydrocarbons, alcohols, acids and bases
    • Non-hygroscopic - does not absorb moisture - no drying of filament or special storage is needed
    • Inherently UV-resistant (H-F bonds are very stable)
    • Very good abrasion resistance - similar to Nylon and UHMW-PE for high-wear applications

    Guideline Print Settings

    Nozzle TemperatureBuild Plate TemperatureEnclosed Build ChamberBed Adhesion
    245-265°C90-110°CRecommendedAcrylic tape or gluestick applied to glass