Anisoprint - CFC PA - 750g

    CFC PA by Anisoprint is specifically designed to be used with their continuous fiber co-extrusion process (CFC). This premium polyamide filament has a low moisture absorption rate and lower viscosity for improved co-extrusion with carbon fiber strands.

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    CFC PA is a new material developed by Polymaker and presented by Anisoprint for continuous fiber coextrusion. Its purpose is to secure a traction between its fiber layers by acting as a grid material with low viscosity. These additional properties allow CFC PA to have a superior part performance. Furthermore, CFC PA also has a rapid cooling and solidification system which increases the accuracy of their fiber placement.

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    Printing Guidelines

    • Temperature: best printed between 250 and 270°C
    • Speed : recommended between 10-20mm/s for CFC Process
    • Buildplate adhesion: required to be between 55-60°C
    • Drying and storage: possibility to be printed from open air with no significant damage. Longer prints require the use of a dryer at 60°C and storage in a dry area such as a sealed box with silica gel
    • Nozzles: used with the Anisoprint Composite Brass nozzle or the Composite Steel nozzle if necessary.

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