B9 Gray Resin
    • B9R-6-Gray Resin
    • B9R-6-Gray Resin
    • B9R-6-Gray Resin
    • B9 Gray Resin

    B9Creations Gray

    A functional prototyping resin from B9Creations that is capable of maintaining surface quality at high build speeds. The material resembles ABS plastic and retains the print's shape during the curing process, producing industrial-level prints for many applications. 

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    iMakr Verdict :
    The B9R-6-Gray resin is ideal for engineering projects requiring dimensional accuracy, temperature resistance, and high strength. This resin is capable of build speeds reaching 120+ mm per hour while maintaining detailed surface quality and part geometry during the curing process. Featuring mechanical properties resembling that of ABS-plastic, makes it an excellent material for applications containing snap fits and threaded holes.

    Applications :
    • Functional prototyping
    • Conceptual Modeling
    • Production Parts
    • Design Verification
    • Serial Production
    • Mass customization

    Ball and socket printed with B9Creations Gray resin

    Compatibility :

    B9Creations Gray resin is optimised for use with the B9 Core and Med Series printers, but is also compatible with suitable third-party printers

    B9 Core 530B9 Core 550B9 Core Med 500
    Min. Slice Thickness30µm30µm50µm
    Max. Slice Thickness120µm170µm50µm

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