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    B9Creations Emerald

    Developed as an improvement to B9R-1-Cherry based on feedback from jewelers. B9R-3-Emerald provides clean burnout without staining the investment, enables casting of thicker objects, and prints with excellent detail to show the finest features of any design. 

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    iMakr Verdict :
    B9R-3-Emerald from the range of casting materials by B9Creations offers improvements over the B9Creations Cherry in terms of castability, print speed and flexibility across a broader range of parameters. Can be cast into Gold, Silver, Platinum and more, which makes it an ideal choice for casting houses and jewellers.

    Key Features :
    • Pigmented for 20 - 90 micron layer thickness.
    • May be primed and painted.
    • Printed parts may be used to create RTV or silicone molds.

    Ring printed with B9Creations emerald castable resin alongside the casted version

    Compatibility :

    B9Creations Emerald is compatible with the B9Creator v1.2 and B9 Core Series printers, as well as third-party machines.

    B9Creator v1.2B9 Core 530B9 Core 550
    Min. Slice Thickness30µm20µm30µm
    Max. Slice Thickness50µm70µm90µm

    B9Creations Emerald burnout schedule in degrees fahrenheit

    B9Creations Emerald burnout schedule in degrees Celsius

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