Builder Extreme 1500 Pro

    The Builder Extreme 1500 Pro has the largest footprint of the Extreme Pro range, allowing large and wide objects to be printed with the reliability of an industrial machine and usability of a desk-top machine.

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    Extreme build size, with Pro reliability :

    The Builder Extreme 1500 Pro is specifically designed for industrial model-making and prototyping. The ease of use, combined with its size, make it a stand-out choice for anyone wanting to 3D print full-size props, molds or tooling.

    Key Features :

    In addition to the huge build capacity, all of the Builder Extreme Pro printers have some excellent features for improving user experience and print reliability.

    Dual-Feed Extruder

    The unique dual-feed extruder adds versatility by offering several printing options:

    • Print with two different types of material - Print the model with one material, and print easily removable support structures with another.
    • Use two colours in one print - Add detailing to a model, or highlight areas with a different coloured filament.
    • Print the same material for twice as long by loading two spools of filament into the extruder.
    • Blend two colours together - For striking visuals, two colours can be mixed together in the same model using Builder's Colour-mix Tool software.

    Builder Extreme Dual Feed Extruder

    Builder Extreme Dual Colour

    Builder Extreme Colour Blending

    <h35style="padding-top: 25px;">Additional Features

    Builder Extreme Mannequin


    A built-in uninterruptible power supply that saves the print job position so that the print can be resumed in case of power loss. Also included is a filament run-out detection system which automatically pauses the print job if the Builder has run out of filament.

    Builder Extreme Nozzle Sizes

    Versatility and Speed

    Three nozzle sizes are included (0.4mm, 0.8mm and 1.2mm), allowing a choice of high detail or greater speed for larger objects.

    Builder Extreme Camera

    User Friendly

    Integrated WiFi allows remote connection and transfer of print files. The built-in camera enables remote monitoring of the progress of a print job.

    How can the Builder Extreme Pro improve your workflow ?

    Learn more about the Builder Extreme Pro range of printers by calling the telephone number at the top of the page, or request a call back from one of our advisors via the button below:

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    Data sheet

    Printing Technology
    Build Volume W x D x H (mm) // W x D x H (inch)
    1100 x 500 x 820 mm (43.3 x 19.7 x 32.2 inch)
    Layer Thickness / Print Precision
    0.1–0.9 mm
    Nozzle Diameter (mm)
    0.4, 0.8, 1.2mm
    Printing Speed
    Up to 120 mm/s
    Filament Diameter (mm)
    Material type
    PLA, PET, PVA, PRO1 (ABS replacement), Flexible filaments
    Platform Levelling
    1510 x 790 x 1550 mm (59.4 x 31.1 x 61 inch)
    Special Features
    7 inch Colour Touchscreen, On-board Camera, Colour Mixing, Print Resume, Filament Detection
    File Format
    Wi-Fi, USB port, Ethernet
    Printer Software
    Software Compatibility
    Windows, MacOS, Linux
    Input Voltage / Power
    Build Platform
    Glass heated bed up to 60°C
    Shipping Dimensions
    1650 x 850 x 1900 mm (65 x 33.5 x 74.8 inch)

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