Detax Freeprint Denture

A biocompatible 3D printing resin from Dental resin specialists, Detax. Ideal for dentists and dental laboratories wishing to create high-quality denture bases.

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Light-curing, biocompatible resin (wavelength 385nm) for 3D printing removable denture bases, total prosthesis. Featuring high process reliability due to high initial hardness after printing and low viscosity for reduced material consumption and faster cleaning. Offers maximum mechanical flexural and tensile strength without becoming brittle and smooth printing surfaces to enable easy processing and polishing. Long term stability and colour stability, odourless and tasteless. Resistant to oral conditions. MMA -free.

Colour: pink-transparent

Bottle size: 1kg

Freeprint denture

Freeprint denture 1

Technical Properties

Flexural strength DIN EN ISO 20795-1 >105MPa
Flexural modulus DIN EN ISO 20795-1 >2500MPa
Hardness > 83 Shore D
Biocompatibility DIN EN ISO 10993-1 Compliant

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