EnvisionTEC | E-Guard

    The EnvisionTEC E-Guard resin is best suited for the production of Dental Guards, specifically night guards.

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    The EnvisionTEC E-Guard

    The EnvisionTEC E-Guard resin is a biocompatible, crystal-clear material for the production of accurate orthodontic splints and retainers. The resin is clear so it allows maximum visibility. The high resolution 3D printing possible with this material allows for precise fits. The E-Guard resin together with an EnvisionTEC 3D printer can drastically lower the cost of producing high quality splints and retainers.

    Applications: Orthodontic, Dental

    Material Properties
    Standard or MethodDescriptionValue
    DIN EN ISO 20795-2:2013Flexural Strength78 - 85 MPa
    DIN EN ISO 20795-2:2013Flexural Modulus2050 - 2130 MPa
    DIN EN ISO 20795-2:2013Water Sorption30 - 23 μm/mm3
    DIN EN ISO 20795-2:2013Water Sorption0.5 μm/mm3
    BrookfieldViscosity230 - 330 cP at 30° C
    ISO 10993-5CytotoxicityPassed
    ISO 10993-10Irritation and Skin SensitisationPassed


    Data sheet

    Flexural Strength
    78 - 85 MPa
    Flexural Modulus
    2050 - 2130 MPa