LOCTITE 3D | 3172 HDT50 High Impact

    The Henkel Loctite 3172 is a tough resin that allows the user to produce functional parts that require a high stiffness and durability with a good surface finish and high impact resistance.

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    The LOCTITE 3172 Resin

    The LOCTITE 3D 3172 is a one-component light cure resin that may be used for prototyping or functional part production via stereolithography (SLA) or digital light processing (DLP). It is a very strong and durable photopolymer with mechanical attributes similar to polypropylene and offers excellent elongation.

    Key Features

    • Rigid Tough resin
    • High Impact and compression strength
    • High Elongation at Break (>100%)
    • Good surface finish
    • Good machinability
    • Ideal for fixtures and tooling
    Mechanical PropertiesMethodGreenPost Processed
    Tensile Stress at YieldASTM D6389.5 ± 1 MPa38 ± 1.4 MPa
    Tensile Stress at BreakASTM D63814.5 ± 1 MPa38 ± 1.4 MPa
    Young's ModulusASTM D638209 ± 64 MPa1245 ± 43 MPa
    Elongation at FailureASTM D638141 ± 4 %141 ± 4 %
    Flexural Stress at YieldASTM D79037.6 ± 2.56 MPa
    Flexural ModulusASTM D7901022 ± 76 MPa
    Flexural Strain at BreakASTM D790> 10 %
    Other PropertiesMethodGreenComplete
    Heat Deflection TemperatureASTM D64840° C/td>
    IZOD Impact StrengthASTM D25642.6 ± 5 J/m
    Shore Hardness (D scale)ASTM D224070D
    Water AbsorptionASTM D5700.36 %
    Solid Density (Green)ASTM D14751.1281.128
    Solid DensityASTM D14751.137
    Viscosity at 25° CASTM D7867637 ± 150 cP
    Liquid DensityASTM D14751.063