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Spare Parts by Brand

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Delta WASP 2040 I Clay Extruder 2.0


Delta WASP 2040 is now available with the Clay Extruder. It also comes with its UNIQUE resurrection system, which allows users to resume the print from where it stopped after a power cut/switch off.

The Clay extruder is a clay fluid-dense material extruder kit. 2.5 kg syringe, includes clay and fluid-dense materials.

Price includes shipping cost.

iMakr offers a 1 year warranty on the the Delta WASP 2040 with Clay Extruder.

EinScan Pro HD Color Pack


The Color Pack is an external texture camera that is capable of capturing the full colour 3D data with the accurate geometric measurements of an object. Attach it to your EinScan Pro HD to capture 3D scanned data in full colour and detailed texture too with this additional module for the Einscan Pro HD.