BASF have been creating chemistry for 150 years. With a diverse portfolio of resins, each featuring exceptional mechanical properties, from impressive toughness to superior elongation at break. BASF resins are suitable for many applications including; dental, functional prototyping, footwear, jigs and fixings, they are well equipped to suit your 3D printing needs. 

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BASF Ultracur3D ST 45 M Resin


BASF Ultracur3D ST 45 M is a clear, tough, multi purpose resin that has a lower curing depth than Ultracur3D ST 45, giving it better Z resolution. Ultracur3D ST 45 M is ideal for production of high performance, functional parts. 

BASF Ultracur3D EL 60 Resin


BASF Ultracur3D EL 60 is an elastomeric resin that has a quick elastic response making it idea for applications requiring flexibility and elasticity. Featuring superior elongation at break, its easy to print with and can produce fine structured geometries.