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3D4Makers Facilan PCL 100

$109.00 -114 $114.00

Facilan™  PCL 100 (Polycaprolactone) Filament

Facilan™ Ortho is a high-performance 3D printing filament developed specifically for orthotics applications. 

Facilan™ Ortho can also be used in soft braces, corrective braces, shoe soles and other similar applications. We\'ve developed this material in concert with orthotics producers, orthotics fitters and people who wear orthotics in order to develop the perfect filament for 3D printing orthotics. 

  • -$200.00

Enclosure for Snapmaker 2.0

$299.00 -499 $499.00

Available in three sizes to match the Snapmaker 2.0 A250 and A350, the new enclosure increases safety, reduces noise and improves ABS 3D printing. A highly recommended accessory for your Snapmaker 2.0.

Peopoly Curing Box Pro Peopoly Curing Box Pro
  • -$340.00

Peopoly Curing Box Pro

$359.00 -699 $699.00

Cure your 3D printed parts quickly and easily with the Peopoly Curing Box Pro.

Features powerful UV LEDs, integrated turntable and timer for efficient curing.

  • -$46.00

Polymaker PolyMax PC (3kg)

$99.00 -145 $145.00

Polymax is a set of advanced 3D printing filaments engineered with nano-reinforcement technology from Polymaker, designed to give a high-quality printing and superb mechanical properties.

Sindoh 3DWOX 2X Sindoh 3DWOX 2X
  • -$1,101.00

Sindoh 3DWOX 2X

$2,499.00 -3600 $3,600.00

The 3DWOX 2X from Sindoh is a revolutionary dual-extruder 3D printer. Certainly one of the most well-made printers you can get in the market. Highly recommended by us as well as by our customers.