Asiga Resins

Asiga resins are fully validated to work seamlessly with the Asiga range of 3D printers and give high-quality results particularly for applications in Dentistry, Jewellery and Audiology.

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Asiga SuperCAST V3 1L


SuperCAST v3™ - now with the added benefit of faster print speeds and enhanced detail definition. Developed specifically for jewelry and dental applications.

Asiga SuperWAX V2 1L


Launched in 2015, SuperWAX was the first wax 3D printing material for polymer based 3D printers. SuperWAX set the bar for casting in both phosphate bonded and gypsum bonded investments. SuperWAX melts just like wax providing a more familiar material handling interface for the traditional jeweler.

Use SuperWAX to investment cast all precious metal alloys including Platinum, Palladium, Gold and Silver.