3ntr VENTO

The VENTO drying unit by 3ntr prevents filament damage caused by humidity, storing polymers in the perfect environment for performance.

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VENTO Filament Drying Unit by 3ntr

Simple and effective, the VENTO unit by 3ntr is built to maintain the quality of all polymers with an HDT above 55C (excluding PLA and PETG). Made of high quality stainless steel, the VENTO is built to last and quickly reaches optimal drying temperatures



Giving you immediate feedback, an easy to use touchscreen allows for real time monitoring of the drying parameters that you can customise



Equipped with an NFC reader, VENTO automatically sets drying parameters designed to reduce energy consumption (requires NFC labelled spools)



Versatile and sleek, each VENTO unit can handle up to 5kg of spools while taking up minimal floor space


Compatible with 3ntr STORM

Store up to three VENTO units in the 3ntr Storm (sold separately). Featuring a HEPA/VOC air filter for a healthier print environment, the Storm unit is an easy to way manage your 3D printing and optimise the print quality of your projects

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Data sheet

Operating Temperature
115C maximum
Operating Voltage
230 VaC

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