Cubicon Max600

Print with expert precision with the Cubicon Max600 large-scale industrial SLA 3D printer, featuring extra large printing volume, extensive material compatibility, and adjustable laser spot size. 

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The Cubicon Max600 SLA 3D printer is the ideal industrial printer for large projects, small batch production, and full-scale prototyping with professional results. This 3D printer features an autocollimator system, adjusting the alignment between the recoater and the resin surface to within 0.01 degrees. With extensive material adaptability, the Max600 is compatible within a wide range of professional applications. 

Print With Your Desired Material

The Max600 supports a wide range of materials, including rigid and solid ABS-like materials, transparent Polycarbonate-like materials, flexible and elastic materials, and materials suitable for specialised environments.

Large Printing Surface

The Cubicon Max600 is one of the largest SLA printers on the market, with a maximum printing volume of 600 x 600 x 400mm, and a maximum printing weight of 70kg. Whether printing for small batch productions, or single large prints, the Max600 supports all SLA 3D printing needs.

Vibration Reduction 

Featuring anti-vibration dampers, the internal chamber is designed separately from the external frame, reducing and preventing vibrations from the external environment, ensuring a smooth printing experience regardless or your location.

Adjustable Laser Size For Optimised Printing

Cubicon's HyVISION System supports an adjustable laser spot size ranging from 80um to 700um, allowing you to create high resolution print exteriors, and faster interior prints. With speeds ranging from 312 seconds at 80um, and 68 seconds at 700um, you can achieve 4.5 times faster output than printing without laser resizing capabilities.

laser sizesize


'High-Precision Recoater Auto-levelling' System

Equipped with a unique auto-levelling recoater system based on a vacuum and laser displacement sensor, the Max600 ensures a uniform resin coating for optimum output quality and precise control of the layer thickness.

Tilting Calibration

This 3D printer features an autocollimator system, adjusting the alignment between the recoater and the resin surface to within 0.01 degrees.


Compatible With Materialise Magics Software

The Cubicon Max600 is compatible with the popular Materialise Build Software, so you don't have to invest any extra time learning how to use a new platform.

For further information and advice on how Cubicon printers can benefit your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our advisors by calling the telephone number at the top of the page, or by clicking the button below and requesting a call-back:

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Data sheet

Printing Technology
Build Volume W x D x H (mm) // W x D x H (inch)
600 × 600 × 400 mm (Full Vat)
Layer Thickness / Print Precision
0.05~0.25 mm
355 nm
Scanning time
6~10 m/s (SCANLAB)
Slicing Software
Materialise Magics
Operating System
Windows 7, Windows 10*
File Input Format
Hyvision Recoater Auto Leveling & Tilt Calibration System
Product Dimensions
W1150 × D1250 × H1920 mm
Product Dimensions
1530x1430x2250 mm
Solid-state frequency tripled Nd:YVO4, 3W
Laser spot size
80μm to 700μm (Adjustable spot size)

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