Detax Freeprint Gingiva

A high-quality flexible resin from dental resin specialists, Detax. For printing functional 3D gingival-model segments, this resin has great tear resistance and dimensional stability, without unpleasant odours.

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Light-curing resin (wavelength 385nm) for 3D printing flexible gingival masks for dental models. For 3D reproduction of functional gingival model segments in a digital workflow in conjunction with Freeprint® Model. Featuring high elasticity and tear-resistance, excellent dimensional stability, no shrinkage or aging, and ductile even when stored over a long period. No annoying or unpleasant odors from fabricated gingival masks. Colour: gingiva

Technical Properties

Tensile Strength DIN EN ISO 527-1 >3MPa
Tensile Strain DIN EN ISO 527-1 >90%
Final Hardness > Shore A 70


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