3DXTech FibreX™ PSU | 1.75mm 500g

    3DXTech FibreX™ PSU is a high-quality filament with excellent thermal and chemical resistance properties, as well as great dimensional stability. An ideal choice for a range of demanding applications.

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    FibreX™ PSU (Polysulfone) by 3DXTech is a high-temperature filament with excellent thermal and chemical resistance characteristics. Superior mechanical performance at elevated temperatures can often make this filament a better (and less expensive) replacement for Ultem 9085.

    Key Features :
    • Very high thermal properties with a Tg of 187°C and HDT of 172°C
    • Excellent hydrolytic resistance
    • High Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR)
    • Resists most common automotive fluids, including gasoline, antifreeze, transmission fluid, motor oil, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid
    • Excellent dimensional stability (low creep sensitivity and low, uniform coefficient of thermal expansion) and highly reproducible part-to-part dimensions
    • Sterilization suitable - including EtO gas, radiation, steam autoclaving, plasma, dry heat and cold sterilization
    Guideline Print Settings
    Nozzle TemperatureBuild Plate TemperatureHeated Build ChamberBed Adhesion
    350-380°C140-160°CRecommendedPEI tape or gluestick applied to glass

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