LOCTITE 3D | 3955 HDT280 FST

    The Henkel LOCTITE 3D 3955 HDT280 FST is a halogen free, high performance flame retardant 3D printing resin with excellent flexural and tensile physical properties. The material is available in black, in both 1 litre and 5 litre bottles.

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    The LOCTITE 3955 Resin

    The LOCTITE 3955 is the first 3D printing resin that passes vertical burn and aerospace FST standards. A high-performance, halogen-free material, 3955 has a high HDT that allows it to withstand harsh conditions with negligible deformation. The resin guarantees a great surface finish, which makes it great for connector and interior parts in the aerospace and rail industries.

    This material requires pre-melting!

    Key Features

    • Halogen free
    • High performance
    • High modulus with excellent flexural and tensile physical properties
    • Very high HDT
    • Passes flammability 2x10 second Vertical Burn and FST
    Mechanical PropertiesMethodThermal Post Cure
    Tensile Stress at BreakASTM D63866 ± 4 MPa
    Young's ModulusASTM D6383595 ± 126 MPa
    Elongation at FailureASTM D6382.27 ± 0.2 %
    Flexural Stress at BreakASTM D790-B138 ± 16 MPa
    Flexural ModulusASTM D790-B5200 ± 112 MPa
    Flexural Strain at BreakASTM D790-B2.4 % ± 0.4
    Other PropertiesMethodThermal Post Cure
    Heat Deflection TemperatureInternal DMA0.455MPa at 59.2° and 237° C
    Heat Deflection TemperatureInternal DMA1.82 MPa at 160°C
    24 hr Soak in AcetoneInternalat 25C < 0.2 %
    24 hr Soak in IPAInternalat 25C < 0.2 %
    24 hr Soak in WaterInternalat 25C = 0.4 %
    168 hr Soak in WaterInternalat 25C = 1.0 %
    Other PropertiesMethodThermal Post Cure
    Liquid DensityASTM D7921.27
    Solid DensityASTM D7921.39
    Rating - Vertical Burn for FlammabilityInternal - 3mm ThicknessPass at 10 seconds
    Rating (12 second burn)AirBus AITM2-0002 6mm ThicknessPass
    Rating (6 second burn)AirBus AITM2-0002 6mm ThicknessPass
    Gas Components of SmokeAirBus AITM2-0002 6mm ThicknessPass
    Other PropertiesMethodThermal Post Cure
    CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) 25C - 160CASTM E83180.5 μ/m/° C
    CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) 160C - 280CASTM E831136 μ/m/° C
    Thermal Aging (105C for 2000 hr)ASTM D790-B< 5 %
    Shore Hardness (0s, 3s, D scale)ASTM D224084, 82
    Viscosity at 65° CASTM D7867800 - 1000 cP

    Data sheet

    Young’s Modulus (MPa)
    3595 ± 126 MPa
    Liquid Density