Loctite 3D PRO476 1kg Bottle
    • Loctite 3D PRO476 1kg Bottle

    Loctite 3D | PRO476 Tough Resin

    The Henkel Loctite PRO476 resin is a high-strength, tough polymer with good surface finish designed to work on LCD Printers. Achieve results comparable to ABS.

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    Loctite 3D PRO476 Printed Part

    Optimised for use with LCD 3D printers, this resin is a high-strength photoplastic with good impact resistance, moderate heat resistance and excellent surface finish. PRO476 excels in a variety of performance prototype and tooling applications and can be machined, tapped, or polished.

    Loctite 3D PRO476 Applications:

    • Textured and highly detailed parts
    • Performance prototypes
    • Jigs, fixtures & manufacturing aids
    • Housing and covers

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