Sinterit PA11 Carbon Fibre

    Sinterit PA11 carbon fibre boasts an excellent strength to weight ratio and is incredibly strong and resistant to impacts and chemicals. Optimised to use with Sinterits range of SLS machines. 

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    Sinterit PA11 Carbon Fibre

    Sinterits PA11 CF Carbon Fibre is one of the strongest and most versatile materials for SLS printing. Based off the Polyamide 11 enhanced with carbon fibre for improved performance and rigidity. Featuring high strength to weight ratio and high thermal properties. A perfect balance of mechanical and thermal properties makes the Sinterit PA11 CF one of the most versatile materials available.

    MED412 resin

    Key Features

    High tensile and flexural properties

    Thermal resistance

    High impact resistance

    High stiffness

    High elongation at break

    Chemical resistance


    Production Maintenance- Replacement parts

    Automotive- High performing parts, parts that can replace traditional metal ones

    Extreme Applications- Motorsport, lightweight structures, high temperature

    Aerospace- Lightweight parts

    Medical- Medical equipment, prosthetics

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    Data sheet

    Tensile Strength
    81 MPa
    Flexural Strength
    100 MPa
    Young’s Modulus (MPa)
    2950 MPa
    Charpy Impact Strength
    113.65 kJ/m2