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  • $59

    Made of acrylic, this VAT is designed for Moai SLA printer from Peopoly. With a layer of PDMS at the bottom, it has a capacity of 4L.This vat is also compatible with Form1 and Form1+.

    Available for order. Dispatch within 2 weeks.
  • $79

    Especially for Moai SLS Printer, the build plate is a single piece made of anodized aluminum and rubber knob. It ensure an excellent rigidity and durability. Key features:Weight: 200g Color: Silver Compatible only with Moai

    Available for order. Dispatch within 2 weeks.
  • $45

    The Peopoly UV Curing Light is a UV LED for the cure of 3D printed resin parts. Those 6 high power UV LED speed up post-processing by curing 5cm of resin within 10 seconds only. Solidify photosensitive resin quickly and efficiently with the Peopoly UV Curing Light.Due to the intensity of UV light output, the user must wear eye protection or their...

    Available for order. Dispatch within 2 weeks.
  • $95

    Moai's new film based vat design provides greater durability and ease of use than the traditional PDMS based vat. Includes 3 metal pieces vat assembly, 1 acrylic tensioner, and 1 FEP film.  Order extra FEP films when ordering this vat.

    In stock.
  • This Heater module for the Peopol Moai is designed to keep the internal chamber over 25C.  It is sensor controlled and comes with its own power supply separate from the Moai printer.

    Available for order.
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items