Solvay - Radel PPSU 1.75mm

    Radel PPSU AM Filament offers excellent impact strength, high-temperature resistance, and a chemical resistance that can rival PSU and PEI.

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    Radel® PPSU AM Filament MS NT1 offers the best of sulfone polymers, with a superiority in both toughness and impact strength, high-temperature capabilities, as well as proven outperformance in chemical resistance relative to both PSU and PEI. It enables applications in Aerospace, Smart Devices, and Energy Storage.

    Market applications

    • Radel PPSU can be applied in multiple industries such as healthcare, aircraft and wire insulation, plumbing and food service. This filament is ideal replacement for sterilized metal medical devices such as surgical instruments, implant trials and trays. The substance can be used for food purposes as it is biologically dormant with no traces of BPA. The Radel PPSU is also compatible with plumbing as it is an ideal substitute for brass who is used for pressurized, hot water valves and fittings, therefore removing corrosion and contamination from these heavy metals while lengthening service life.
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    Why Radel PPSU

    • High HDT of 207C (405F)
    • Impact strength similar to PC
    • Upgraded chemical resistance to PEI
    • Virtually unlimited steam sterilization
    • Excellent long-term hydrolytic stability
    • Transparent and opaque colors
    • Inherently UL-94 V0

    Get the performance you need

    • Radel PPSU is part of Solvay’s sulfone polymers family. They are an amorphous thermoplastic resin that are transparent, have great hydrolytic stability, are resistant to environmental stress cracking as well as being tough, high in strength and possess thermal stability.
    • Heat Resistance
    • Sulfone polymers are known for the high heat deflection (HDT) and outstanding dimensional stability. These polymers are also the only thermoplastics who, when exposed to high temperatures reaching up to 204°C (400°F) for a long term, will stay transparent.
    • Hydrolytic Stability
    • Sulfone polymers do not get affected by hydrolysis with Radel PPSU even if the latter can cause significant deterioration to polymers in general.

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