Peopoly Phenom Prime

Introducing the newest addition to the Peopoly Phenom range, the Phenom Prime. Faster, sharper, and rock solid, the Phenom Prime offers superior performance at an affordable price. 

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Peopoly Phenom Prime

Peopoly's range of 3D printers makes printing larger projects easier and more affordable without sacrificing quality and reliability. Phenom Prime. is a new and exciting expansion to the Peopoly Phenom range. Built to be faster, sharper, and rock solid, the Phenom Prime promises impressive printing speeds and resolution, with the reliable performance of Peopoly machines.

5K LCD Display

Phenom Prime is the highest resolution MSLA printer in the Phenom range. The impressive 5.5k HD monochrome LCD display has a higher light transmission rate meaning 70% reduction in exposure time and capable of achieving 51um resolution. Compared to Phenom, the Phenom Prime's LCD panel expected to last 3 times longer.

Custom LED System

Detailed Printed part.png

Fast Printing

Use Phenome Prime with the Peopoly Deft resin and Prime FEP film to achieve 100% speed increase compared to the current Phenom.

Modular Design

You can buy a second build plate to swap in to minimise time between builds. Also features a newly designed cooling system optimised to handle the heat from the printing process, ensuring you achieve maximum material properties.

Prime Modular build plate

Chitu Software screen


Powered by the latest Chitu System controller board outputting up to 8K with faster processors. The upcoming CHITUBOX Pro software is the best slicer software for your Phenom Prime.

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Data sheet

Printing Technology
Build Volume W x D x H (mm) // W x D x H (inch)
277 × 156x 400 mm
Layer resolution
51 um

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