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At iMakr we offer a range of proven and tested SLA/DLP 3D printer resins to suit a variety of needs.  For jewellers, we have castable resins of from top suppliers that produce models that high quality samples ready for casting.  For engineers, we offer prototype and duragrade resins ideal for spare parts and prototypes. We also stock specialty materials like flexible  or high resolution resins.

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  • £ 39

    MakerJuice Sub G+ resin has been designed with the following characteristics in mind: low viscosity, low srinkage, very hard, little flexibility, very fast cure speed, very similar to ABS.Shipping costs remain the same for 2 to 10 spools of filament

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  • £ 119

    Specially formulated high resolution, high speed resin for the Pegasus Touch 3D Printer for FSL3D. End cured material properties similar to ABS. 

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  • £ 129

    Extremely flexible rubber like 3D Printing Resin. Specially formulated high resolution, high speed resin for the Pegasus Touch 3D Printer for FSL3D but works well in other 405nm laser/DLP printers .

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  • £ 179

    Specially designed for direct metal investment casting. Burns out with no ash. High resolution mixture gives superior fine details. Works for DLP and Pegasus SLA printers. Formulated as blue color for finest details.

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  • £ 299

    SuperVAT™ combines advanced materials and mechanical design to increase your printing success rate. Print objects ranging in size from small jewelry all the way through creature sculpts and scale models. With the breakthrough never clouding non stick polymer, the SuperVAT™ can decrease lift time and increase the build speed of the Pegasus Touch.

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  • £ 259

    B9R-5-Dent Model delivers precise, dimensionally stable and correct models. It prints oral models from scans of plaster models or eliminate plaster models altogether by printing directly from the .stl output from your oral scanner.

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  • £ 109

    WaxCast is a high ­quality printing resin for direct investment casting applications such as jewelry, dental, and engineering modeling.It was indeed tested and used by wide range of jewelers and engineers across the world, for you to be able to implement 3D printing within your business. 

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  • £ 179

    This standard resin by Miicraft is perfect for applications in rapid prototyping or engineering.Available in: Cream (BV-001) and Blue (BV-002), add some colours in your printings!

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  • £ 189

    This transparent resin by Miicraft is perfect for applications in Microfluidics. The BV-007 resin has a low viscosity and the smallest microchannels.

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    This non-transparent, high stability resins is ideally made to create dental models as well as rapid prototyping. It is available in two colours: pink (BV004) or ivory (BV005).

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    These castable resins by Miicraft are perfect for applications in Dental or Jewelry modeling.Available in: Pale Green (BV-011) and Orange (BV-012), add some colours in your printings!

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