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No field of 3D printing creates greater excitement than 3D printing for medical or dental purposes. In the medical arena, the ability to create bespoke prosthetics affordably can make the difference in people's lives.  The printers we've assembled here have proven popular with doctors in solving their patients problems. Shop now for FDM and SLA 3D Printers especially designed for medical purposes right now on iMakr

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  • £ 49,800.00

    ROKIT INVIVO is the world's 1st hybrid and modular bio 3D printer. It is the most innovative and up to date bio 3D printer that allows users to create versatile 3D cellular structure with multi material and extensive designs.

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  • £ 13,200.00

    The MiiCraft Y series offers high precision prints that can do the job of industrial equivalents three times the price. The printer's 385nm wavelength projector is well most appropriate for dental applications and functions with most available dental resins. Choose the build volume that best suits your particular printing requirement.

    £ 13,200tax incl.
    tax excl.: £ 11,000.00
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  • £ 13,980.00

    The MiiCraft 125 series offer high precision prints at a price more than 3x cheaper than their industrial equivalents. The printer is available with a range of build volumes and projector wavelengths. The 365/385nm wavelength is best suited to Dental/Medical applications where clear prints are required. The 405nm wavelength is best suited to printing...

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  • £ 0.00

    Complete affordable industrial 3D prints in the full range of technical polymers including PEEK, PEI, PPSU and PC with the Intamsys Funmat Pro HT. This impressive machine makes light work of hard to print plastics and can produce functional parts ready for use.

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  • The Freeform PRO2™ is a professional 3D printer for direct manufacturing applications offering high-resolution, speed and reliability in a desktop format.

  • The PICO2 HD™ is an ultra high accuracy DLP 3D printer with 27 micron pixel size. It offers unrivaled definition in printed parts with very small details made possible, perfect for jewellery production.

  • £ 4,999.00

    Enter the world of functional 3D printing with the Funmat HT, the affordable multimaterial 3D printer capable of printing technical polymers including PEEK and PEI.

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    Available for order. Dispatch within 2 weeks.
  • £ 12.00

    Try before you buy with a sample from our wide range of printers. Our optimised print sample is designed to show you the capabilities of the machine of your choosing so you can make the right decision. Simply select which printer you are interested in the dropdown menu. We will print and post the sample out. Please note, if you would like more than one...

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