Sinterit NILS 480

    Sinterit New Industrial Laser Sintering 480 is a SLS machine specially designed for industrial applications. Take advantage of the flexibility of SLS technology and the freedom to build complex parts requiring no support structure, reinvent your designs to take full advantage of topology optimisation to save on material usage while still keeping the parts mechanical properties. The comprehensive powder range available from Sinterit and industrial build volume of the NILS allows you to innovate and push additive manufacturing boundaries.

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    Sinterit NILS 480

    New Industrial Laser Sintering from Sinterit has reinvented productivity. NILS has the best return on investment in the SLS market thanks to innovative automated features. Take advantage of the flexibility of SLS technology and the freedom to build complex parts requiring no support structure, reinvent your designs to take full advantage of topology optimisation to save on material usage while still keeping the parts mechanical properties. Print a full print chamber in less than 30 hours, NILS is one of the fastest SLS machines on the market, team this speed with Sinterit's wide range of powders to ensure you get the most for your application. The comprehensive powder range available and industrial build volume allow you to innovate and push additive manufacturing boundaries, new materials are being constantly being developed and the Sinterit NILS 480 is the perfect SLS machine to take full advantage of this. 

    Sinterit printed parts

    Key Features

    Part quality- Smooth surfaces with ultra high precision and high dimensional accuracy come as standard when using Sinterit additive manufacturing machines.

    Open Environment- Over 50 printer parameters to control, allowing you to get the best parts possible time and time again. Use Sinterit's own material profiles as well as 3rd party materials.

    Comprehensive Material Range- From high stiffness to flexibility to durability, Sinterit have an extensive range of materials to choose from with new developments in progress.

    Galvo Laser- Works by using mirrors to determine the laser spot area instead of having a moving laser. This allows the Sinterit NILS 480 to print parts faster, to reach every inch of the print chamber and reduce the need for powder refresh.

    No Contact With Powder- Sinterit have designed a system that allows you to fill your SLS machine without coming into contact with any of the powder. Once your build is finished you take the SLS cake to your powder handling station and remove any unsintered powder. The unsintered powder is then sieved and reused in the next build.

    Flexable material

    Go beyond printing prototypes. Sinterit NILS 480 is designed to print end use production parts.

    Industrial Capabilities of Sinterit NILS 480

    Two automated features have been added to the Sinterit NILS 480 to truly industrialise the machine. These new innovations in Sinterit additive manufacturing technology place them in a new league of SLS technology.

    Automatic powder dispensing system- The overflow bin is constantly transported back to the print bed powder dispenser and distributed. Negating the need to fill up before each print job.

    Continuous print system- Print jobs consecutively without the need for manual input or powder refills. Once the first job is finished there is an initial cool down time of 2 hours. The Sinterit NILS then ejects the cake into a cooling block, the print bed returns to the printing chamber and the second job is started automatically.

    Electric part 

    Industrial size build volume of 200 x 200 x 330mm. Print large parts in one piece.

    Achieve Fast Return on Your Investment

    Sinterit has considered every aspect of printer performance and cost associated with additive manufacturing production to reduce the cost per part which intern means you get your ROI much faster. The main feature that speeds up ROI is the ability to use up to 78% used powder in your builds, this is guaranteed to lower production costs whilst still keeping the mechanical properties of your parts and material.

    40 Days To Pay Off Machine Cost

    Manufacturing Connectors

    Printed Part Price- 0.46€

    Quantity of Parts to pay off machine cost- 36,576

    Material- PA12 Smooth

    Number of Parts Printed per Build- 960

    Build Time- 25 hours

    Build Density- 18%

    Cost per Build- 437.90€

    Connectors case study

    Scale Up Your Manufacturing

    Sinterit NILS is designed to be used for part production and manufacturing. By installing multiple machines you can ensure that production wont stop. Take advantage of the automated features and industrial size build volume to up productivity and part performance.

    Installation & Machine Requirements

    Designed to fit on a standard EU pallet and through doors easily there will be no issue getting your Sinterit NILS into your manufacturing unit. Installation time takes around half a day and the only power needed is a standard 2 phase electric power socket and compressed air source, for printing with nitrogen materials an external source of nitrogen is required.


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    Data sheet

    Printing Technology
    Build Volume W x D x H (mm) // W x D x H (inch)
    (W x D x H) mm | 200 x 200 x 330 (W x D x H) in 7.9 x 7.9 x 13.0
    Layer Thickness / Print Precision
    mm :0.075 - 0.175 | in: 0.003 - 0.006
    Printing Speed
    mm / h: 10 - 14 | in: 0.39 - 0.56
    1200mm X 1200mm X 1750mm | in: 47.2 x 47.2 x 68.9
    File Output Format
    *.scode, *.sspf, *.sspfz
    File Input Format
    STL, 3MF, OBJ, 3DS, FBX, DAE
    Laser spot size
    microns / in: 650 - 700 / 0.0256