Sinterit Flexa Soft Powder - 2kg

    Sinterit's Flexa Soft Powder is the softest Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer (TPU) in the Sinterit range. Its exceptional softness can be used in fields such as design and medicine. The Sinterit Flexa soft powder provides excellent surface finish and highly detailed parts with adjustable hardness. It's 100% reusable.

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    Key Properties :

    • Soft, with low A-shore value
    • Elastic prints
    • Hardness in Shore A scale : 45/56 (depending on printing settings)
    • Tensile Strength : 1.8 [MPa]
    • Elongation at Break : 137% 

    Applications : 

    • Gaskets
    • Medical models
    • Sensory toys
    • Clothing parts

    Sinterit Flexa Soft Powder

    Sinterit Flexa Soft Powder 2

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