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Enclosure for Snapmaker 2.0

Available in three sizes to match the Snapmaker 2.0 A250 and A350, the new enclosure increases safety, reduces noise and improves ABS 3D printing. A highly recommended accessory for your Snapmaker 2.0.

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Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminium and available in three sizes to match the three varieties of Snapmaker 2.0, this enclosure has been designed to provide an additional level of safety, without impeding normal operation. Safety features include; Light-filtering panels for protecting eyes from potential laser emissions, Fume/Exhaust extractor fan and duct for reducing odour and removing potentially harmful particles from the workspace, and a function which automatically pauses machine operation if the enclosure door is opened. The enclosed chamber retains heat to provide a warmer printing environment, which is essential for reliably printing with materials such as ABS. The enclosure also provides the additional benefits of keeping your workspace cleaner and reducing noise levels. An essential accessory for your Snapmaker 2.0.


  • Filtering Panels for Laser protection
  • Noise reduction
  • Smell/exhaust reduction and extraction
  • Dust containment
  • Heat retention for more reliable ABS printing
  • Keeps little hands and paws safe from hot or moving parts
  • LED Strips for improved illumination and visibility
  • Easy assembly

Snapmaker 2 enclosure and features

Data sheet

Product Type
A250: 531 x 624 x 507mm; A350: 625 x 820 x 602mm

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