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SLS 3D Printers 

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SLS 3D printers use a laser to solidify powdered material into solid objects. Complex parts can be printed with no support, while stacking objects allows use of the full build volume. Perfect for product prototyping.

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  • $5,999

    The most affordable way to start SLS 3D printing on your desktop is here: the Sintratec Kit. Print nylon and TPU (Coming soon) functional parts in high resolution, without the restriction of supports.

    Available to order, dispatch within 2 weeks.
  • $23,699

    Produce highly detailed, functional parts with the Sintratec S1, the premium desktop SLS printer. With its large build volume and high speed galvonometer, the S1 makes batch production on the desktop a reality.

    Delivery in 6 weeks
  • $439

    Use the powder management set for all of your printing with Sintratec S1 and Kit SLS 3D printers. With this set, you are sure to be equipped for a safety and cleanly printing.

    Available to order, dispatch within 2 weeks.
  • $8,300

    Bringing powder based SLS printing to the desktop, the Sinterit Lisa opens up a whole world of opportunities in 3D printing. Print otherwise impossible objects with no support, and utilise the entire build volume by stacking parts. Perfect for prototyping and product design.Within this price we have included a 1 year premium warranty support from an iMakr...

    Available for order. Delivery within 4-6 weeks. Price includes free shipping.
  • $1,399

    Improve your powder management with the new Powder Sieve from Sinterit. This automated powder sieve removes debris from used powder while combining it with fresh powder, making it ready to print again.

    Available for order. Delivery in 2-4 weeks.
  • $10

    Try before you buy with a sample from our wide range of printers. Our optimised print sample is designed to show you the capabilities of the machine of your choosing so you can make the right decision. Simply select which printer you are interested in the dropdown menu. We will print and post the sample out. Please note, if you would like more than one...

    In stock. Dispatch within 48 hours or collect in store.
  • $729

    Used for the cleaning, polishing and finishing of printouts using dry abrasive material.  * Does not include an air compressor.

    Available for order. Dispatch within 2 weeks.
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items