Carbon Fibre

Filaments infused with carbon fibres offer stiffness, dimensional stability and heat resistance to your prints. Designed to resist bending, carbon fibre makes parts with an incredibly solid feel, perfect for aerospace and automotive applications. For best results and performance, we recommend using a heated bed, enclosure and hardened (eg steel) nozzles.

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KetaSpire PEEK HC CF10 | 1.75mm | Solvay


KetaSpire PEEK HC CF10 from global leaders in chemical and material manufacturing, Solvay, is a high-strength, high-performance filament that has been ISO certified for healthcare applications and includes 10% carbon fibre added for additional strength and stiffness.

Anisoprint - Smooth PA - 750g


Smooth PA is a carbon fiber-filled polyamide filament by Anisoprint. Smooth PA is used specifically for the exterior of a part to create a stronger shell and display a matte look with a sleek surface.