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Add additional functionality to your 3D printing or 3D scanning set-up with accessories designed to improve your 3D printing, 3D scanning and processing experience and streamline your workflow.

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Snapmaker Filter Cartridge for Air Purifier (2 pcs)


Breathe easier inside your work area with this 2-pack of Filter Cartridges for Snapmaker 2.0 Air Purifier from Snapmaker. Each cartridge includes five layers of filtration and are arranged in such a way as to maximize its lifespan, which is approximately 3 months per cartridge. All five layers of filtration can trap and absorb PM0.3- to PM10-sized particles, as well as VOCs and odors—essentially what is emitted during 3D printing and laser engraving with the Snapmaker 2.0.

Polymaker PolyBox™ Edition Ⅱ


PolyBox™ is a 3D printing filament dry box designed to provide an optimised environment for storing hygroscopic materials such as PolySmooth™, PVA or Nylon. It is compatible with all 3D printers and can house two 1kg spools or one 3kg spool.

Zortrax Apoller Smart Vapor Smoothing


Automatic post-processing with the Zortrax desktop smart vapor smoothing device. Achieve the look of an injection moulded part from your FDM prints with the industrial performance. Smart Vapor Smoothing technology evenly smooths out all surfaces including all complex geometries and interlocking or movable parts. Ideal for small to medium production runs.

Zortrax Cleaning Station


Zortrax Cleaning Station is a device made to remove excessive, unsolidified resin from the model’s surfaces. The entire cleaning process lasts for about 5 minutes and is fully automated.