Accessories by Brand

Add additional functionality to your 3D printing or 3D scanning set-up with accessories designed to improve your 3D printing, 3D scanning and processing experience and streamline your workflow.

Accessories by Brand

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Peopoly Phenom XXL FEP Film


Use the OEM Phenom XXL FEP film with your Phenom XXL printer and Phenom XXL vat to achieve the best prints possible.

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EinScan Pro HD Color Pack


The Color Pack is an external texture camera that is capable of capturing the full colour 3D data with the accurate geometric measurements of an object. Attach it to your EinScan Pro HD to capture 3D scanned data in full colour and detailed texture too with this additional module for the Einscan Pro HD.

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EinScan Pro 2X series I Industrial Pack


The industrial pack for the EinScan Pro 2X series includes a tripod for free scanning and an automatic turntable, or free scan fixing the scan head to the tripod.

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Sinterit Intertek Vacuum Cleaner + Separator


Speed up and optimize your sintering workflow and keep your workspace clean with the Intertek certified Vacuum Cleaner from Sinterit. This compact cleaner can quickly remove up to 99% of unused powder from your SLS printer so you can minimize powder change times and maximize your printing output. Includes a complete set of accessories for vacuuming your printer, and your workspace.

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Nexa3D xCURE Post-Curing Unit

The xCURE from Nexa3D is the perfect post-curing solution to ensure you achieve optimum material properties. Designed to cure an entire build volume from the Nexa3D NXE 400 in one go. Featuring three curing modes; UV only, Heat only and UV + Heat and pre-set individual resin curing profiles, the Nexa3D xCURE is the perfect solution for post curing your parts.

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Nexa3D xWASH Post-Processing Unit

Nexa3D xWASH is a post-processing washing station designed specifically to clean resin parts from the Nexa3D NXE 400. You can wash two entire build volumes simultaneously thanks to the xWASH large capacity. Choose to wash your parts while still attached to the build volume or as individual parts in the basket. With a simple, user friendly interface to help set parameters such as timer length, agitation speed and direction, the Nexa3D xWASH is a powerful and consistent part washing solution.

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AESUB Orange 3D Scanning Spray

AESUB Orange long lasting spray allows you to easily create a thin, homogeneous coat free of pigments. With no cleaning required this scanning spray was developed by scanning experts.
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Peopoly Curing Box


Designed to cure large parts up to 350 x 350 x 500mm, the Peopoly Curing Box features a powerful 405nm UV LED fixture and a built in timer.

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Sinterit Powder Sieve


Improve your powder management with the new Powder Sieve from Sinterit. This automated powder sieve removes debris from used powder while combining it with fresh powder, making it ready to print again.

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Eureka Auto Dry Box


Keep your filaments moisture free with the Eureka Filament Storing Dry Box: a hassle free, plug and play solution to your filament storing needs. Simply plug in the cabinet, add your filament and print. The controlled environment protects filament in the long term and reduces nozzle clogging and print failure due to mositure.

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Polymaker Polysher™

The ultimate accessory for creating finished parts with your 3D printer, the PolySher smoothes layer lines and brings a shine to 3D printed surfaces. Compatible with both PolySmooth and PolyCast filaments from PolyMaker, the PolySher is quick and easy to use and makes a great edition to your 3D printing infrastructure.
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