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These are small add-ons to 3D printers that help improve or enhance your experience with your machine.

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  • Improve your powder management with the new Powder Sieve from Sinterit. This automated powder sieve removes debris from used powder while combining it with fresh powder, making it ready to print again.

  • Scanning stickers to make references when using the Einscan Pro.

  • Keep your filament dry with the Polymaker PolyBox. This is a filament storage box which uses silica gel desiccant satchets to maintain your filament at its ideal printing environment built in with a Thermo-Hydrometer to precisely monitor the humidity and temperature levels inside. The PolyBox maintains a below 15% moisture level to prevent absorption into...

  • Fixative glue for 3D printing.

  • Made of acrylic, this VAT is designed for Moai SLA printer from Peopoly. With a layer of PDMS at the bottom, it has a capacity of 4L.This vat is also compatible with Form1 and Form1+.

  • Especially for Moai SLS Printer, the build plate is a single piece made of anodized aluminum and rubber knob. It ensure an excellent rigidity and durability. Key features:Weight: 200g Color: Silver Compatible only with Moai

  • The Peopoly UV Curing Light is a UV LED for the cure of 3D printed resin parts. Those 6 high power UV LED speed up post-processing by curing 5cm of resin within 10 seconds only. Solidify photosensitive resin quickly and efficiently with the Peopoly UV Curing Light.Due to the intensity of UV light output, the user must wear eye protection or their...

  • Used for the cleaning, polishing and finishing of printouts using dry abrasive material.  * Does not include an air compressor.

  • For EinScan-SE & EinScan-SP, the Discovery pack is a valuable accessory for capturing more natural and vivid colour and more texture details in high resolution 3D data scans.

  • Get moulds in seconds with industrial-grade vaccum forming from the Mayku FormBox. A revolutionary tool for business and consumer use, this machine is the perfect accessory to a 3D printer for replicating, modifying and experimenting with your designs in literally any material!

  • Replacement FEP film sheets for your Moai Kit. With an upgrade FEP VAT on your Moai, les resin will stick and save your materials and keep operation costs low. Simply replace film as needed.  

  • Build sheet for the Startt 3D printer. Also ideal for smaller objects on larger printers.

Showing 37 - 48 of 51 items