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Speed up the design process and get your product to market faster with 3D printing. With rapid prototyping, designers can quickly and cost-effectively create prototypes and mock-ups in-house, which can then be assessed for look and feel before going into larger-scale production.

iMakr offers a wide variety of 3D printers, featuring a range of sizes and material options. Contact an iMakr advisor to help you find the ideal 3D printing solution for your design studio.

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Product Design

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3D print parts quickly and easily with the Delta WASP 4070 Industrial X using strong, technical materials. The innovative heating and cooling system keeps the build chamber at a suitable temperature for the filament, whilst cooling the mechanical and electrical elements ensuring a safe operating temperature. 

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TPM3D S Series S600DL

The S600DL SLS printer from TPM3D\'s S Series is the largest offering in their S Series range. At an impressive 600 x 600 x 800mm build volume. Produce parts easily in a variety of high performing engineering materials. Featuring two lasers, you can produce parts much faster and with no limitation of geometric design.
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TPM3D S Series S480

The S480 SLS printer from TPM3D\'s S Series features a high scanning speed with a large formatting space. Take full advantage of the larger build volume with a higher scanning speed and create larger parts quickly and easily in a variety of high performance materials.
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TPM3D S Series S320HT

The S320HT SLS printer is the most advance offering from TPM3D\'s S Series. Thanks to the ability to print at high temperatures of up to 350°C, the S320HT is more than capable of producing parts out of true engineering materials such as PEEK. This industrial SLS machine is perfect for a range of applications including; rapid prototyping, educational and medical.

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TPM3D S Series S360

The S360 SLS printer from TPM3D\'s S Series features a build unit size of 360 x 360 x 600mm. The TPM3D S range of industrial SLS 3D printers have been developed with Stratasys technical experts and optimised for use with industrial applications.
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Peopoly Phenom Prime


Introducing the newest addition to the Peopoly Phenom range, the Phenom Prime. Faster, sharper, and rock solid, the Phenom Prime offers superior performance at an affordable price. 

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Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K

Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K combines a large scale print area with impressive detail and accuracy. Easily print your creations in amazing 8K resolution and capture even the smallest details of your design.
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MakerBot Method Carbon Fibre Edition


MakerBot Method Carbon Fibre edition allows you to print parts in technical materials such as carbon fibre. Achieve high accuracy and optimum part properties thanks to the heated build chamber and sealed material bays.

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MakerBot Method X Carbon Fibre Edition


Print in carbon fibre reinforced nylon and the full range of industrial engineering materials easily with the MakerBot Method X Carbon Fibre edition and its 110°C heated build chamber. Achieve high accuracy and high strength in all dimensions. 

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Zortrax Endureal

Zortrax Endureal industrial 3D Printer features advance thermal management for high performance polymers. The filament temperature is tightly controlled throughout the printing process in order to achieve the best precision and optimum mechanical material properties.

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Builder Extreme 3000 PRO

The Builder Extreme 3000 PRO is designed to run 24/7. Ideal for industrial 3D Printing, the large format build volume gives you greater geometric freedom and the ability to print large parts in one piece.
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CEAD AM Flexbot

CEAD AM flexbot is a flexible robot based solution for large scale additive manufacturing. This versatile system provides lots of options which can be integrated to configure the system to your specific needs. The system is used for printing with fibre reinforced thermoplastic materials and has proven itself to be the go to system for large scale 3D printing implementations in the industry. The AM Flexbot is delivered and installed worldwide. It features a modular system allowing for optional functions to be added such as a rotary table, CNC milling, so you can customise your AM Flexbot to fit your application.

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Sinterit NILS 480

Sinterit New Industrial Laser Sintering 480 is a SLS machine specially designed for industrial applications. Take advantage of the flexibility of SLS technology and the freedom to build complex parts requiring no support structure, reinvent your designs to take full advantage of topology optimisation to save on material usage while still keeping the parts mechanical properties. The comprehensive powder range available from Sinterit and industrial build volume of the NILS allows you to innovate and push additive manufacturing boundaries.

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Rapidshape I50+

The I50+ by Rapidshape is a high-performance DLP 3D printer, featuring an open system for flexible material compatibility, an optional automatic separation module (ASM) for easy part removal, high temperature heating preparation, with high safety standards for a healthy printing environment

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Rapidshape I100+

The I100+ by Rapidshape is a high-performance, fully automated DLP 3D printer designed for production. featuring an open system for flexible material compatibility, an automatic resin tank refill system for continuous production, as well as featuring high safety standards for a healthy printing environment. 

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