3ntr Spectral 30

The 3ntr Spectral 30 is a powerful industrial-grade 3D printer ideal for the most complex projects and markets, designed to tackle extreme challenges in next-gen manufacturing.

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The 3ntr Spectral 30 is an industry leading high-performance 3D printer. Developed alongside the European Union-backed Clean Sky project, encouraging growth in environmentally friendly technological advancements, and major aerospace players Airbus and Rescoll, the Spectral 30 brings to market a more affordable 3D printer for demanding projects that require durable, high-performance materials, such as PEEK, Ultem, and PEKK filaments, bringing 3D printing into the most complex markets.

Four Nozzles For Complex Projects

Equipped with four nozzles, the Spectral 30 is capable of printing more complex designs that would not be possible with a single nozzle set-up. Multiple materials can be printed at the same time, making intricate and demanding designs easier and faster to print. To ensure successful printing, this printer features fully automated plate/nozzle levelling. Each nozzle is capable of reaching a maximum temperature of 500C.



Outstanding Thermal Performance

The 3ntr Spectral 30 is equipped with advanced printing capabilities and temperature control systems optimised for printing high-performance superpolymers such as PEEK / PEKK / PEI / PAEK / PPSU, as well as compatibility with breakaway or soluble supports, with extraordinary accuracy providing you with high functionality and durability. The thermal performance of the Spectral 30 allows for efficient project printing, reaching PEEK nozzle printing temperatures in under 3 minutes, and Ultem chamber temperatures in under 30 minutes.

VENTO Filament Drying

The Spectral 30 is equipped with 4 energy efficient VENTO filament drying units designed for keeping high performance polymer filaments safe from contamination.


Optimised User Interface

A 10-inch display allows users to navigate 3ntr’s sleek graphic user interface, putting you in complete control. With a built-in camera, you are able to keep tabs and check in on printing jobs remotely. p>


Guaranteed Print Accuracy

The printer features four extruders with XYZ positioning precision of 5 microns

Vacuum And Magnetic Tray Holder

Custom carbon fibre build plate is held in place by vacuum and magnets, easily securing 3D prints while reducing noise caused by air compressors

Filament Sensors

Detects filament jams and when you are approaching the end of a spool

Compatible With 3ntr SSI Software

Giving full access to the complexities of 3ntr systems, SSI (Smart Slicer Interface) is capable of handling intricate projects with just a few clicks. Customised to the function of the 3ntr 3D printer range, SSI is able to handle multiple polymers at the same time, while preventing users from mixing incompatible polymers before print. SSI generates post-print reports, suitable for both service and industrial environments.

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Data sheet

Printing Technology
Build Volume W x D x H (mm) // W x D x H (inch)
300 × 300 × 300 mm
Extruder Maximum Temperature
500 C
XYZ Accuracy
+/- 0.005 mm
Ultem AM9085F, PEEK, PEKK, PAEK, PPSU, ABS, ABS_esd, ABS HD, ABS FAST, ASA, Carbon+, Iglidur, Nylon+, nPOWER, Glass+, PCABS, PETG, zWAX
4 X 1.75 mm filament
Bed Temperature
Maximum 300 C
Heated Chamber
Maximum 250 C
Product Dimensions
1158 × 882 × 1788 mm
Product Weight

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