FreeScan Handheld scanner (front)
    • FreeScan Handheld scanner (front)
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    Shining3D FreeScan Combo - Handheld 3D Scanner

    The FreeScan Combo features hybrid Laser/Infrared scanning technologies and 4 scanning modes, making this hand-held 3D scanner highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. Capable of achieving outstanding accuracy, this scanner is also extremely compact and light-weight.

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    3D Scanning Technologies Combined

    The FreeScan Combo features two 3D scanning technologies in one scanner - offering outstanding versatility for a vast range of applications. Use blue laser scanning with markers to achieve metrology-grade accuracy, even for dark or reflective surfaces, or VCSEL Infrared scanning for quick, direct scanning without using markers.

    Ideal for automotive industries, aerospace, rail transportation, mold manufacturing, casting and foundry and medical industries.

    FreeScan Combined Technology

    Small and Light-weight

    Compact and Portable

    Cutting-edge technology packed into a small, light-weight unit for maximum portability and ease of use - obtain high-quality scans in hard to access areas with minimal fatigue.

    The FreeScan Combo is available bundled with either Solid Edge Shining3D Edition or Geomagic Essentials, for an even smoother processing/reverse-engineering workflow. Choose your option above.

    FreeScan Combo Multi-mode Scanning

    Multi-line laser scanning

    Multi-Line Mode

    Use 26 laser lines for smooth and accurate global scanning with up to 0.02mm accuracy.

    Fine detail scanning with the Freescan combo

    Fine Detail Mode

    Capture the highest level of detail with the 7 parallel laser line scanning mode.

    hole scanning in single laser line mode

    Single Line Mode

    Single-line laser scanning and optimised lens angles allow accurate capture of deep holes and recesses.

    Freescan infrared scanning mode

    Infrared Mode

    Scan feature-rich areas quickly without markers using Infrared scanning mode.

    FreeScan Combo Technical Specifications

    Scan ModeMulti-Line ScanSingle Line ScanFine ScanInfrared Scan
    Light Source26 Laser linesOne laser lineSeven Parallel laser linesVCSEL Light Source
    Working Distance300mm300mm200mm300mm
    Scan AccuracyUp to 0.02mmUp to 0.02mmUp to 0.02mm-
    Volumetric Accuracy0.02+0.033mm/m0.02+0.033mm/m0.02+0.033mm/m0.5+0.1mm/m
    Scan speed1,860,000 points/s1,860,000 points/s1,860,000 points/s2,250,000 points/s
    Scan Depth360mm360mm360mm1240mm
    Max FOV520mm x 510mm520mm x 510mm520mm x 510mm600mm x 600mm
    Point Distance0.05mm-3mm0.05mm-3mm0.05mm-3mm0.1-3mm

    Technical Requirements

    • USB 3.0 Standard connection
    • 12V , 5.0A Power input
    • Working temperature -20 ~ 40℃
    • Working humidity 10 ~ 90%
    • Certification CE, FCC, ROHS, WEEE, KC, FDA, UKCA, IP50
    • Recommended Computer Configuration - OS: Win10/11, 64bit; Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX/RTX series cards, higher or equal to GeForce RTX 3060; Video memory : ≥ 6GB; Proccesor: I7-10700; Memory: ≥ 32GB

    Data sheet

    Product Type
    3D Scanner
    193 x 63 x 53mm
    USB 3.0
    Power Input
    12V 5A
    Class II (eye safe)