Geomagic Wrap with First Year Maintenance
    • Geomagic Wrap with First Year Maintenance
    • Geomagic Wrap
    • Geomagic Wrap

    Geomagic Wrap

    Geomagic Wrap software is easy to use, affordable, fast and accurate. It allows you to visualise and transform point clouds to probe data and imported 3D formats (STL, OBJ, etc.) into 3D polygon meshes that can be used instantly in downstream Reverse Engineering, Manufacturing, Engineering, Art, Industrial Design etc. From expanded file format support to manipulating texture maps, bring your printed parts to life.

    Includes First Year Maintenance.

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    iMakr Verdict

    As part of your 3D digital thread, Geomagic Wrap provides the digital bridge to allow you to create perfect data to use directly in 3D printing, milling, archiving and multiple other 3D uses.
    The advanced Exact Surfacing tool included it delivers power yet ease-of-use in cutting-edge modeling functions for that flawless 3D model. Scripting and macros systems also automate functions for repetitive tasks during the reverse engineering process.

    Geomagic Wrap Software

    Geomagic Wrap Software 1

    Analysis, Animation and Film making

    Geomagic wrap makes it simple to quickly create watertight 3D models of physical objects from 3D scan data and use them to perform advanced operations functions such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). In addition, 3D models can also be used by special effects professionals and animators in Maya, 3ds Max etc.


    Archaeologists can use the power of 3D to archive and fully analyse petroglyphs and ancient markings, often undetectable with the naked eye. Geomagic Wrap direct 3D printing capabilities also give students and museum visitors the freedom to experience ancient artifacts without touching the artifact itself.

    Art and Sculpture

    Archive, restore fragile or worn artifacts with the fantastic combination of 3D scanning. Geomagic Wrap provides accurate 3D data, enabling effortless outstanding works of art and scale sculptures.

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