Der 3D-Druck revolutioniert die Art und Weise, wie wir entwerfen und mit welcher Geschwindigkeit wir Produkte herstellen können. Wählen Sie aus einer Vielzahl unserer hochwertigen 3D-FDM- und SLA-Desktop-Drucker die Produkte passend für Ihre Fertigungsanforderungen.

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Anisoprint ProM IS 500

This industrial 3D printer by Anisoprint makes 3D manufacturing easier, faster, stronger and cheaper using high strength components, capable of printing high-performance polymers with Anisoprint\'s composite fibre co-extrusion technology. 

HBD-500 Metal 3D Printer

The HBD-500 is a large format Selective Laser Melting machine (SLM). It comes as a complete solution with many supporting accessories, giving you everything you will need to produce high quality end use metal parts. Contact iMakr to find out how we can tailor your HBD-500 for you.

Delta WASP 3MT Industrial 4.0

23.416,67 €

Der DeltaWASP 3MT wurde verbessert, um den 3D-Druck riesiger Modelle noch einfacher zu gestalten.Die Industrial 4.0-Produktreihe bietet neue Funktionen wie eine Touchscreen-Oberfläche, eine Überwachungskamera und ein neu entwickeltes und verbessertes Pellet-Extrusionssystem.Der Delta Wasp 3MT Industrial 4.0 kann wahlweise mit Pellet- oder Spitfire-Filamentextruder bestellt werden.

Anisoprint Composer A3

24.166,67 €

Reduce the cost and weight of jigs, fixtures and end-use parts, while maintaining mechanical properties, with the Composer A3 from Anisoprint.

Unique Composite Fibre Coextrusion (CFC) technology allows the printing of continuous carbon fibre directly into a 3D printed part, significantly increasing part strength when compared with printing polymers alone.

Zortrax Endureal

Zortrax Endureal industrial 3D Printer features advance thermal management for high performance polymers. The filament temperature is tightly controlled throughout the printing process in order to achieve the best precision and optimum mechanical material properties.

HBD-150 Metal 3D Printer

The HBD-150 is a Selective Laser Melting machine (SLM) capable of printing in a variety of materials. A fully customisable system giving you full control over your SLM printer and its auxiliaries whilst still being an affordable entry point for SLM technology. Contact iMakr to find out how we can tailor your HBD-150 for you.


The HBD-350 is a Selective Laser Melting machine (SLM) that produces high quality, metal parts. It comes as a complete solution with many supporting accessories. Contact iMakr to find out how we can tailor your HBD-350 solution for you.