Discover the range of high quality resins from B9Creations. For Casting, Prototyping, Model Making and more, B9Creations have a premium resin for your application.

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B9Creations Emerald

232,50 €

Entwickelt als ein Verbesserung zu B9R-1-Cherry, basierend auf Feedback von Schmuckherstellern. B9R-3-Emerald bietet ein sauberes ausbrennen ohne die Investition zu beflecken, ein Gießen von dickerer Objekte und Drucke mit exzellenten Details um die feinsten Eigenschaften jedes Designs hervorzuheben.

B9Creations Yellow (Gelb)

232,50 €

Das ultimative Gießharz. Entwickelt auf der Grundlage des Feedbacks von Juwelieren, die um jeden Preis das umfassendste Ausbrenn- und Gießverhalten auf dem Markt suchen. B9R-4-Yellow hinterlässt keine Asche, ermöglicht das Gießen von dickeren Objekten und druckt mit exzellenten Details, um die feinsten Merkmale eines Designs zu zeigen.

B9Creations Gray

183,33 €

A functional prototyping resin from B9Creations that is capable of maintaining surface quality at high build speeds. The material resembles ABS plastic and retains the print\'s shape during the curing process, producing industrial-level prints for many applications.

B9Creations - Rugged Nylon 6

232,50 €

The B9 Rugged photopolymer resin from B9Creations has material properties very similar to Nylon 6. Featuring high elongation and high impact strength. It is ideal for snap-fit and wear-resistant parts in the engineering field.

B9Creations - HD Slate

183,33 €

Specifically formulated for printing high-detailed parts with excellent surface finish, HD Slate 3D printing resin from B9Creations is ideal for model-makers and molding.

B9Creations BioRes - Red

283,33 €

Durable, impact resistant and ISO 10993 compliant for prolonged skin contact for up to 30 days, BioRes Red biocompatible 3D printing resin from B9Creations is perfect for medical production and wearable technology applications.

B9Creations BioRes - White

283,33 €

Formulated for medical manufacturing and consumer tech, BioRes White 3D printing resin from B9Creations is ISO 10993 certified for prolonged skin contact, making it a great choice for printing surgical tools, anatomical models, wearable technology and more.

B9Creations - FastWax Casting Resin

191,67 €

Using B9Creations FAST technology, FastWax Casting Resin provides you with increased accuracy and reduced post-processing. FastWax resin is a easy-to-use resin with a higher wax content and guaranteed smooth surface finish.

B9Creations - Gray Micro Precision Resin

283,33 €

Capable of capturing 100um features, Biores Micro Precision provides you with highly elaborate microscope parts in addition to thin walls and equally small features. Biores Micro Precision resin also guarantees a smooth surface finish and superior readability and biocompatibility.