A global leader in Chemicals, Materials and Solutions, Solvay now offers a portfolio of industrial additive manufacturing filaments with outstanding chemical resistance, temperature resistance, strength and stiffness. In addition to best in class mechanical properties, the HC range has been specially formulated and ISO certified for use with medical devices and other healthcare applications.


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Solvay - Solef PVDF 2.85mm

212,50 €

Solvay\'s Solef PVDF filament has excellent chemical, oxidation, UV and weathering resistance, which makes it an exceptional material for use in the Oil + Gas, Chemical Processing and Semiconductor industries.

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Solvay - Radel PPSU 1.75mm

237,50 €

Radel PPSU AM Filament offers excellent impact strength, high-temperature resistance, and a chemical resistance that can rival PSU and PEI.

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Solvay - Radel PPSU HC 1.75mm

308,33 €

Solvay\'s Radel PPSU HC is ISO 10993 certified for biocompatibility and is an excellent choice for Healthcare applications requiring chemical, temperature and impact resistance.

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Solvay - KetaSpire PEEK CF10 1.75mm

300,00 €

An ideal material for automotive, oil & gas and aerospace, KetaSpire PEEK CF10 has additional strength from 10% carbon fiber added to the formulation.

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Solvay - KetaSpire PEEK 1.75mm

325,00 €

KetaSpire PEEK AM MS NT1 is a high-performance filament that boasts outstanding thermal and chemical resistance. An ideal material for automotive, oil & gas and aerospace.

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KetaSpire PEEK HC CF10 | 1.75mm | Solvay

391,67 €

KetaSpire PEEK HC CF10 from global leaders in chemical and material manufacturing, Solvay, is a high-strength, high-performance filament that has been ISO certified for healthcare applications and includes 10% carbon fibre added for additional strength and stiffness.

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Solvay - KetaSpire PEEK HC 1.75mm

416,67 €

Solvay\'s new high-performance KetaSpire PEEK HC is specially designed and certified for use in the Healthcare industry. Outstanding thermal properties and chemical resistance for a wide range of healthcare manufacturing applications.

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