Standard Resins

Standard Resins

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Siraya Tech Fast Resin

45,83 €

Siraya Tech Fast resins are a great all-rounder resin perfect for printing intricate designs like miniatures and props. It is fast to print, clean and cure. Available in Grey, Smoky Black and White, all provide exceptional surface quality.

Siraya Tech Tenacious Resin 1kg

79,17 €

Siraya Tech Tenacious has great flexibility, is strong and has great impact resistance. Siraya Tech Tenacious is pale yellow in colour, making it suitable for inspecting part geometries and susceptible to dye.

DWS Precisa 780 High Detail Resin Cartridge

107,50 €

An improved version of PRECISA 779, PRECISA 780 is a photosensitive rigid opaque material for DWS stereolithography 3D printers, developed for the production of prototypes, toys, miniatures, high detailed models, gadgets, marketing samples and patterns for silicone molds.

DWS Invicta 915 Prototype Resin Patrone

82,50 €

DWS Invicta 915 Resin 2er Patronenset, für den Gebrauch mit dem XFAB 3D Drucker. Invicta 915 ist ein weißes ABS-ähnliches Resin, verwendet für die Produktion von funktionellen Prototypen, Gehäusen und verklipps Teilen.