Polymaker offers a growing portfolio of filaments and is committed to providing the 3D printing industry with safe and clean materials. Their seven step quality control process ensures that their filament is consistently of high quality. With affordable prices and a variety of unique finishes, Polymaker filaments are perfect for adding some character to your prints.


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Polymaker - Polylite ASA

29,17 €

Polylite is a set of 3D printing filaments composed with first-class raw materials who are high-quality and dependable. With Polylite, users are able to produce designs and prototypes with most 3D printing materials.

Polymaker | PolyMax™ PLA 1.75mm

37,50 €

PolyMax™ PLA ist ein 3D-Druckmaterial mit ausgezeichneten mechanischen Eigenschaften und Druckqualität. PolyMax PLA hat eine Schlagfestigkeit, die bis zu neunmal höher ist als die von normalem PLA und hat insgesamt bessere mechanische Eigenschaften als ABS.

Polymaker - PolyFlex TPU95-HF

41,67 €

PolyFlex™ is a set of advanced 3D printing filaments engineered with high-quality flexible materials and designed to offer high flexibility and durability. This resin is ideal for printing in high speeds thanks to its high flow properties. Also resistant to UV light.

Polymaker - PolyMide CoPA 6-6.6

58,33 €

PolyMide is a set of nylon/polyamide based 3D printing filaments. Engineered with the Warp-Free technology designed by Polymaker, Polymide filaments are meant to add engineering features to nylon materials with ease in 3D printing.