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    The Moai 130 SLA printer kit is a total package of tools needed to get started 3D printing immediately. This kit version offers the same high-quality prints and experience, except also allows users to become familiar with the in's and out's of their printer. The Moai is all about flexibility, performance, and affordability, offering better...

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    Der Moai 200 SLA Drucker ist der Erste seiner Art. Mit einem riesigen Volumen zu einem geringen Preis. Es hat einer das größte Volum für einen SLA Drucker, nämlich 200 x 200 x 250 mm. Der Moai ist ein wahrer Vorläufer welcher professionelles SLA Drucken für jeden ermöglicht. Sie können jedes Material benutzen! 

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    Der Moai 3D Drucker hat das beste Preis-Leistungs Verhältniss für SLA Druck. Der Drucker versorgt sie mit hoher Druckqualität wie jeder andere SLA Drucker jedoch mit einem sehr viel geringerem Preisschild. Der Moai dreht sich komplett um Flexibilität, Leistung und ein unschlagbar niedriger Preis.   Das schon zusammengebaute...

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    The Moai 3D printer is an affordable SLA solution that produces amazing results. Providing a better resolution than Formlabs at a fraction of the price, the Moai is all about flexiblity, performance, and affordability. Use any material desired for your applications on your Moai. This bundle includes a PDMS VAT, a FEP VAT, a bottle of Model Resin. This...

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    The Model Resin from Peopoly is a professional UV-sensitive resin for high accurate 3D printing. Optimised for Moai's 405nm UV laser, this resin is available in blue, gray, white, neon green, clear, black and red.

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    Peopoly's Tough resin is designed to be durable and withstand most wear and tear of functional parts. Despite being a tough resin, before curing prints can be slightly softer and therefore may require a higher printing temperatur above 25C and more supports. Peopoly recommends that prints be cured at least 30 minutes of post-curing via UV light with...

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    Made of acrylic, this resin vat is designed for Moai SLA printer from Peopoly. With a layer of PDMS at the bottom, it has a capacity of 4L.This vat is also compatible with Form1 and Form1+.

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    Moai's new film based vat design provides greater durability and ease of use than the traditional PDMS based vat. Includes 3 metal pieces vat assembly, 1 acrylic tensioner, and 1 FEP film.  Order extra FEP films when ordering this vat.

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    Replacement FEP film sheets for your Moai Kit. With an upgrade FEP VAT on your Moai, les resin will stick and save your materials and keep operation costs low. Simply replace film as needed.

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    Especially for Moai SLS Printer, the build plate is a single piece made of anodized aluminum and rubber knob. It ensure an excellent rigidity and durability. Key features:Weight: 200g Color: Silver Compatible only with Moai

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    The best module for simple levelling of your Moai 3D printer, this easy-to-level build plate is full metal and designed to use with both FEP and PDMS vat. TO USE: Simply loosen the 4 screws on the build plate, lower it to the vat and then tighten the screws up. It's as easy as that. 

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