Standard Resins

Standard Resins

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Phrozen Onyx Rigid PRO410

107,50 €

Partnering with Henkel Loctite, Phrozen presents The Onyx Rigid Pro410, producing strong models while enabling makers to produce models with fine details.

Phrozen TR300 Ultra-High Temp Resin

62,50 €

Phrozen TR300 Resin comes with extremely high thermal resistance, high mechanical strength, and with a certain toughness, making it ideal for high-temperature applications such as dental thermoforming, industrial mock-ups, and creating 3D printed jewelry.

Peopoly Nylon-Like Tough Resin

74,17 €

The Peopoly Nylon-like Tough resin features great balance between hardness and impact resistance, making this an ideal choice for making strong but flexible functional parts