B9Creations - Gray Micro Precision Resin

Capable of capturing 100um features, Biores Micro Precision provides you with highly elaborate microscope parts in addition to thin walls and equally small features. Biores Micro Precision resin also guarantees a smooth surface finish and superior readability and biocompatibility.

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Designed for detailed, smooth parts with features as small as 100 μm, Biores Micro Precision gives exceptional results for the making of intricate micro-scale parts. The Micro Precision resin is designed for use with the B9 Core Med Series and is ISO 10993 certified for biocompatibility"


Resin features

  • Highly detailed microscale parts
  • No z-bleed
  • ISO 10993 biocompatible

Resin compatibility

BIORES – Micro Precision is compatible with the B9 Core Med series and works on photopolymer resin-based 3D printer platforms. Customers need to develop suitable material settings for their specific machines.

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Technische Daten

385 - 405 nm
Photopolymer Resin
Product Weight
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