Loctite 3D | PRO410

Perfect for LCD Machines.

A fast printing, rigid photopolymer with ultra high resolution printing. The PRO410 is formulated to produce excellent surface finish with precise print accuracy. 

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Loctite PRO410 High Accuracy Resin

This high performance addition to the Henkel Loctite range of resins is ideal for projects that require expert precision and a smooth surface finish. The PRO410 High Accuracy resin is perfect for prototyping, and prints up to 3 times faster than traditional prototyping resins. 

pro410 collage

Loctite PRO410 Data Sheet

data sheet

Technische Daten

Heat Deflection Temperature
Min. 60° C
Tensile Strength
48 MPa
Tensile Modulus
1900 MPa
Shore D hardness
78 (Shore D)
Tensile Elongation
5 %


Loctite 3D PRO410 data sheet

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