EnvisionTEC | EC 3000

    The EnvisionTEC EC 3000 is a part of the EnvisionTEC Easy Cast range, known for a higher wax content than their other resins.

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    The EnvisionTEC EC 3000

    THe EC 3000 is part of the EnvisionTEC Easy Cast or EC material range. This range is known for a higher wax content, less thermal expansion during burnout and foolproof casting. EC 3000 is the highest wax content material EnvisionTEC offers for printing on it's DLP printers. Any higher wax content requires printing on cDLM technology with Easy Cast 2.0 C. The EC 3000 resin enables the printing of a smooth surface with exceptionally crisp detail and a clean burnout that delivers foolproof casting with standard investment.

    Applications: Jewellery, Manufacturing

    Key Features
    • EC 3000 prints 3D patterns with crisp details with best-in-class smooth surface finish
    • High wax content allows for low thermal expansion during burnout
    • Can be used with most investment powders
    • Porosity-free castings due to clean, ash-free burnout
    • Formulated for casting of heavy wall thicknesses in precious and nonprecious metals
    Material Properties
    Material Density0.97 g/cm3