EnvisionTEC | EC 500

    The EnvisionTEC EC 500 resin is mostly used for the production of molds for castables and jewellery.

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    The EnvisionTEC EC 500 Resin

    The EnvisionTEC EC 500 resin is part of the Easy Cast, also known as EC, line-up of material and is usually recommended for heavier jewellery pieces up to 20 grams finish weight. This material holds a higher wax content, has less thermal expansion and foolproof casting. With a 20% wax content, the EC 500 resin is the highest resolution and crispest lost wax casting material, however, not sacrificing the speed of higher plastic materials in print. The resin can be used on the EnvisionTEC DLP desktops or on Perfactory printers. The EC 500 material has melting point of 250 degrees Celcius and zero ash content on complete burnout. This allows for easy casting.

    Applications: Jewellery, Manufacturing

    Key Features
    • Moderate wax content delivers castable patterns with crusp detail and best-in-class surface finish
    • Improved speed when compared to PIC and WIC series materials
    • Can be used with most investment powders
    • Opaque yellow to show fine feature details
    Material Properties
    Melting Point250° C
    Density1.05 g/㎤