Filamet Metal 3D Printing Filament

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The amazing Filamet enables you to achieve metal 3D printing on your desktop 3D printer!

At iMakr, we created a video advertisement for the metal filament 'Filamet'. The concept behind the video was to produce a short ad that highlighted the difference between old and new filament demonstrating the benefits of the new Filamet Filament. 

Filamet™ Copper PLA is the closest you can get to printing in metal from a FDM printer. It prints just like PLA, with a reduced speed to allow enough energy to melt the dense filament.

Key features

  • High metal content: With 90% copper by weight printed parts feel, weigh and smell exactly like real metal parts.
  • Multiple post processing possibilities: Printed parts can be sanded, polished, coated, kiln fired or allowed to oxidise for a range of finishes.
  • Easy to print: Filamet™ prints like regular PLA, just reduce speed to around 50%.

In the Box
  • Filamet™ Copper PLA 750g spool
  • 1lb Magic Black Powder

Printing Tips
  • Print at 50% of your usual printing speed to allow the filament to melt properly.
  • Use an all metal hot end, the metal particles are abrasive and will damage other hot ends, and will wear all hot ends over time.
  • The filament is brittle and may snap during printing. Mounting the filament externally from the printer, ideally above with a clear path to the extruder, will reduce the chance of breakages while printing.
  • Magic Black Powder is required to kiln fire Filamet™.
  • Sintering process for kiln firing:


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