Loctite 3843 HDT60 High Toughness Matte Black bottle
    • Loctite 3843 HDT60 High Toughness Matte Black bottle

    LOCTITE 3D | 3843 HDT60 | High Toughness

    The Henkel LOCTITE 3D 3843 HDT60 resin is a high toughness resin created with the user in mind. This is an engineering plastic used in the production of tools.

    Available in black, white, gray, and clear.

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    The LOCTITE 3843 Resin

    This high toughness LOCTITE resin is created for the use of tool manufacturing on the production line. The LOCTITE 3843 High Toughness has similar qualities as the ABS resins. Usage for this material is commonly tooling, low temperature molding, anatomical models and consumer applications, for example insoles.

    Key Features

    • Tough resin with great surface finish
    • High heat deflection temperature
    • Sturdy material with high impact resistance
    • Superior strength
    Mechanical PropertiesMethodGreenComplete
    Tensile Stress at YieldASTM D63843 ± 0.57 MPa45 ± 1.5 MPa
    Tensile Stress at BreakASTM D63838 ± 1.7 MPa44 ± 2.7 MPa
    Young's ModulusASTM D6381562 ± 36 MPa1752 ± MPa
    Elongation at FailureASTM D63858 ± 24 %41 ± 6.7 %
    Flexural Stress at YieldASTM D79079 ± 2.6 MPa
    Flexural ModulusASTM D7901878 ± 81 MPa
    Flexural Strain at BreakASTM D790> 10 %
    Other PropertiesMethodGreenComplete
    Heat Deflection TemperatureASTM D64863° C/td>
    IZOD Impact StrengthASTM D25665 ± 2.9 J/m
    Shore Hardness (D scale)ASTM D224068D, 63D
    Water AbsorptionASTM D5702.13 %
    Solid Density (Green)ASTM D14751.173
    Solid DensityASTM D14751.181
    Viscosity at 25° CASTM D7867530 ± 150 cP
    Liquid DensityASTM D14751.0682

    Data sheet

    Heat Deflection Temperature
    63° C (at 0,455 MPa)
    Tensile Strength
    51 MPa (break)
    Shore Hardness
    75 (D)
    Tensile Elongation
    43 %
    Young’s Modulus (MPa)
    Notched Izod Impact
    53 J/m


    Loctite 3D 3843 data sheet

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